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Cargocost Sea Freight rates are updated weekly, taking into account the changes in the international market, including change in the price of fuel and changes in customs regulations. Our Cargocost Online sea freight calculator can be used to get rates from any destination in the world to the UK, and vice versa. Our Online Sea Freight Calculator has helped hundreds of local UK businesses by simplifying their logistics process, saving them valuable time and money with the instant rates it provides. Cargocost is ideal for importers who have regular or one-off shipments that are looking to secure the most cost effective route into the UK. Our Online Sea Freight Calculator works for both FCL and LCL shipping requests.


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Different options for Sea Freight:


Full Container Load (FCL) 

FCL, also known as container shipping, is the abbreviation for a “Load”. The shipping line charges a flat fee per 20′ container, 40′ container or 40′ High cube container, and the amount is dependent on many factors including origin, destination, volume, time of year, plus many other variables. Unless you have a contract with the shipping line or are moving significant volume, you will usually get a more favourable deal from a freight forwarder, who will likely have access (directly or indirectly) to a discounted rate based on certain volume agreements.

For more information on FCL, please visit our dedicated FCL Sea Freight page.


Less than a Container Load (LCL) / Part Load

Also referred to as Part Load, this term refers to when you do not have enough cargo to fill a shipping container (also known as groupage shipping). LCL is usually a very viable option. Specialist LCL sea freight consolidators run services to all of the major ports and gateways around the world. They do this by paying for a full container from the shipping line, consolidating multiple smaller shipments at their warehouse, loading and shipping the full container in the usual manner and then earning their profit by charging a pro rata rate per 1000 kgs or 1 Cubic Meter (whichever is greater), known as weight or measure (w/m). 

Find out more information on LCL Sea Freight shipments here.


Our Online Sea Freight Calculator gives you the option of choosing between both FCL and LCL, and Cargocost guarantees you a competitive rate for both options.


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