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We believe that ease and accessibility are vital when choosing an ocean freight calculator to obtain your shipping quote.

Competing in the ever changing world of e-commerce, speed and efficiency are extremely important when it comes to evaluating purchase terms, transport modes and your chosen logistics service provider. Our 24/7 Online Ocean Freight Calculator with Booking System has been developed by our Cargocost team of specialists with you in mind.

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ocean freight calculatorWhen determining your shipping quote, Cargocost ocean freight calculator will ask you to run through four quick steps…

Step 1: Region and destination you are shipping to.

Step 2: Whether you want your shipment collected or you prefer to deliver to one of our conveniently located depots.

Step 3: Details of your shipment such as Cube (cbm), No of Pieces, Gross weight (kgs) Type of packing.

Step 4: Provide a reference number to facilitate quote tracking


 ocean freight quote


Our seamless quote to booking procedure means you can book a shipment wherever you are using our Ocean Freight calculator, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Obtaining your instant online export quote has never been simpler. Through our easy to follow four step process you can receive your very own freight comparison, with options on direct sailings and choice of transit times to suit your needs.


With Cargocost, you also have access to the vast shipping knowledge of our dedicated team, gained from more than 42 years experience in the logistics industry.

Don’t forget to ask the Cargocost help team about full marine insurance to ensure you are fully covered at capture3 or on +44 (0)20 8988 8084.


Less than Container Load (LCL) / Part Load

If you do not have enough cargo to fill an entire container, as a master loader and LCL specialists, Cargocost can consolidate consignments to reduce costs. With constantly expanding destinations and services offered, as well as regular weekly sailings and scheduled consolidation, we can ensure a seamless transportation chain from the origin to destination. Interested? Get in contact at capture3 or on +44 (0)20 8988 8084


It’s easy to get a quote and a quick transfer to a booking in one simple step using our Ocean Freight Calculator.

Simply enter a few essential details about yourself and your shipment, and we will quote you for it. All quotations Cargocost provide detail:

  • Freight On Board (FOB) elements
  • Nationwide collection costs (exports)
  • Ocean freight charges
  • Any applicable surcharges
  • UK destination handling charges (imports)
  • Customs clearance fees (imports)
  • Vessel details
  • Transit times
  • Rates and Booking details
  • Door delivery (imports)


How ocean freight costs are calculated

International container shipping costs are always based on two elements: The cubic volume of goods to be transported and the distance from the originating port to the destination port.


International container shipping costs will almost certainly only account for a percentage of your total fee, as there are a number of additional factors which may affect the overall cost. These could include any additional charges levied at the destination, such as customs inspection fees, import duty, or costs resulting from unconventional delivery requirements.

In theory, the international container shipping cost covers the transportation of the freight container from the ‘home’ port to the destination ‘port’. However, you can also opt for a ‘door-to-door’ service, whereby Cargocost arranges collection of your cargo from your home or warehouse, loads them into a container, transports the container to the freight ship and then delivers them from the container at the destination dock to your pre-specified end destination.


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