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Container ships begin calling at the port of Bandar Abbas, Iran

Posted by Thibaud Porcher on 9 January 2016 | Comments

Iran has seen most of the sanctions against them lifted. This happened after a new nuclear agreement was drawn up in July 2015.

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Chinese New year shipments 2016

Posted by on 7 January 2016 | Comments

Chinese New Year, aka the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival, falls on the 8th of February next year. We strongly advise customers who require orders to be shipped prior to start planning now, as the months before CNY are extremely busy. There is typically a vast increase of bookings leading up to the national holiday in China and carriers will have limited space. It is also worth noting that there are public holidays running in the country from the 7th to the 13th of February, so keep that in mind.

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Ocean freight report November 2015

Posted by on 4 January 2016 | Comments

This time last year shippers were proud of the excellent peak season they’d just had, which helped to boost the market ahead of annual contract talks. Fuel costs also declined by 50% from the summer until the end of 2014. This time around, carriers are anxious about the over-capacity at present and how this will affect price structures for the following year. In fact, year-end service suspensions are coming in fourteen days earlier than usual, highlighting carries worries. 

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