Qatar bans incandescent bulbs

Posted by Porcher Thibaud on 27 April 2016 | Comments

From May 1 Qatar will join a growing list of countries in banning incandescent light bulbs. Restrictions have already been implemented in United States, India, China and some European countries as incandescent light bulbs consume large amounts of energy and cause carbon emissions.


Qatar bans incandescent bulbs


The Qatar Ministry of Environment will first stop the importation of 75W and 100W bulbs. With 15,000 kilowatts consumed yearly, Qatar currently has the highest usage of electricity per inhabitant in the world (three times more than the United Kingdom).

Governments around the world have taken measures to stop the circulation of incandescent lamps in their territories. The rise of LED alternatives to traditional light sources has turned the Government’s attention to the region to getting rid of inefficient lighting technologies. Consequently, the Ministry has decided to import only energy-saving LED from May 2016. LED bulbs are cheaper, eco-friendly, live longer, do not cause emissions and save energy which comes in project with the rationalisation policy adopted by the state.

Mohamed Saif Al-Kuwari, an official in charge of testing and standardisation at the Ministry of Environment declared: ‘The decision to ban tungsten lamps is being made as they are found to be at least 30 per cent more energy consuming and studies have found the lamps are making enormous amounts of thermal emissions which contribute to harm the environment.’

The Qatar General Authority calls importers and merchants to respect this resolution to protect the environment, the health and well-being of individuals, and company’s safety. Furthermore the decisions will also protect their business from fake-product, low-quality and substandard products.


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