New container weighing regulations

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The update on Container Weighing Regulations adopted by the International Marine Organisation is effective since 1st of July 2016.

It is estimated that about third of the 130 million containers shipped annually have miss-declared weightsThe aim of the SOLAS regulations is to avoid occupational accident at sea or on shore due to inaccuracy of container weight.

Containers will not be loaded onto ships until carrier receive the VGM.

The terminal operator and the vessel operator will also use the VGM for ship stowage planning.The new container weighing regulations demand shippers to provide the carrier with a verified gross mass weight (VGM) per container (including all packing and securing materials) and state it on the shipping document. 

Despite new SOLAS regulations are already effective, there is still a lot of uncertainty amongst shippers. At Cargocost we want to make it  easy for you.

verified gross mass

If you require any further information about the new Container Weighing Regulations please contact us atcapture3 or call us on +44(0)20 8988 8084.


Do you know how to obtain a verified gross mass weight?

SOLAS regulations provide two methods to obtain the VGM of a packed container.

First method

The shipper can weigh the container packed and sealed by using a calibrated and certified equipment according to the standards of the country where the container is weighted.

Second method

New container weighing regulations

The shipper can weigh all packages, lashing and packing materials (dunnage, lashing, pallets…) separately and add the tare weight of the container.

The chosen method requires the certification and approval of the competent authority of the country in which the container was packed.



At Cargocost, we have established the needed operational protocols to meet the new container weighing regulation requirements.

For any enquiries regarding SOLAS regulations please call us on +44(0)20 8988 8084 or emailcapture3

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