10 Craziest customs laws

Posted by on 11 August 2015 | Comments

We have come across many crazy and unusual customs regulations in our time - Here are a few of our favourites. 

Crazy Customs Laws


Flag Tunisia      Tunisia bans the humble pencil from entering the country, making ballpoint pens the country’s writing tool of choice.


Flag Guatemala      Officials in Guatemala have decided to ban police whistles to stop police impersonation.


Flag Botswana      Botswana residents must find something else to spread on their toast, as imported honey is strictly forbidden.


Saint Lucia Flag      Japanese shaving brushes are prohibited in Saint Lucia due to an anthrax contamination scandal in the early 1900s.


Malawi Flag      The import of all aphrodisiac substances in Malawi is forbidden.


Iran Flag     Bad news for fashion lovers! Iran prohibits fashion magazines from entering the country as they are unwanted, non-islamic influence.


Italia Flag      When importing toys into Italy, be aware that only toys made of wood can make it through customs.


Benin Flag      You will have to stick to tap water in Benin, as bottled mineral water can’t be imported in to the country.


Uruguay Flag      Foreign spectacles can’t enter Uruguay, leaving less competition for local opticians.


Bulgaria Flag      A suitcase of holiday clothes can enter Bulgaria without issue, but importing used clothing for resale is illegal.