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Cargocost makes it simple! Obtaining a UK Air Freight Quote has never been quicker and easier.


Our online freight rates calculator allows you to easily obtain the most competitive international air freight rates on the market. We offer instant, all-inclusive, 24/7 Air Freight Rates. Get your International Air Freight Rates today by completing only 4 easy steps:


international air freight rates

Step 1 Region and destination you are shipping to.

Step 2 Whether you want your shipment collected or you prefer to deliver to one of o

ur conveniently located depots. 

Step 3 Details of your shipment such as Cube (cbm), No of Pieces, Gross weight 

Step 4 Provide a reference number to facilitate quote tracking.(kgs) Type of packing.


Get International Import Air Freight Rates or International Export Air Freight Rates today!


Cargocost is part of a global distribution network, working closely with an established IATA agent. This along with our work with all major airlines, allows us to arrange airfreight services from anywhere in the world to the UK, and vice versa. Not to mention, our dedicated team control every step of the process and consequently, unload cargo, handle customs clearance, deal with any complications that can arise and deliver cargo on a daily basis.


Whatever your airfreight requirements, Cargocost will strive to make your shipment experience as efficient and low-cost as possible.


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Do you want to know more about our International Air Freight Rates? Visit our dedicated UK Air Freight Import page and UK Air Freight Export page.


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