How to buy freight rates?

Competitive international freight quotes


Cargocost is known for its competitive and international freight quotes. Specialising in LCL freight we lower shipping costs, yet maintain a high quality service, providing our customers with the best of both worlds.

international freight quote 

We follow a range of steps to ensure our rates remain highly competitive:


1. Consolidation: As a top provider of LCL services we have discovered the best ways to lower shipping costs, bearing in mind you only pay for the volume and weight of your shipment.
2. Date exploration: We search the market and examine both service levels and transit times to ensure you receive your shipment on time and in excellent quality.
3. Comparing carriers: At Cargocost we use a variety of the World’s major carriers. We are then able to offer the most cost-effective service based on the requirements of your shipment.
4. Bargaining: Our teams of top negotiators are experts at securing highly competitive freight rates.
5. Interaction: With excellent customer service, our customers remain informed 100% of the way.
6. All-inclusive: Here at Cargocost, our quotes are complete, so there are no hidden charges. Our rates are specific to each registered customer.


To receive your instant online international freight quote and take advantage of our cost-effective freight rates, follow 3 easy steps today.

international freight quote

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