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Cargocost is able to manage all queries from customs on your behalf, saving you time and making the shipping process as simple as possible.


Customs clearance relates to the act of passing goods through an authority or agency that resides at country level so that your goods can enter or leave a country.

Customs clearance UK officials are also responsible for safeguarding local goods and controlling the flow of goods in and out of a country. Each port in every country around the world puts your cargo through a customs clearance process. Furthermore the rules, regulations, and laws vary from country to country, sometimes even from port to port within a country, making someone who specializes in customs clearance very important to a shipper exporting and importing goods.

Having the wrong customs clearance agents handle your customs clearance can be very problematic. Shipping containers are warehoused as they go through customs clearance, meaning warehousing and storage fees can add up quickly.


customs clearance uk


So how can Cargocost Customs Clearance UK Agents help you?


Act as a customs broker on your behalf – We ensure your customs clearance paperwork is both accurately and timely dealt with, helping to minimise the chance of delays and avoid unnecessary or unexpected charges.

Prohibited and restricted goods – depending on where you are transporting your goods, local legislation and regulations may apply. We have significant experience in dealing with customs clearance formalities across the globe, allowing you to be certain your goods are in the best hands.

Classifying goods – each item you ship has to be classified by a commodity code, which is an important piece of information needed for customs.


As always we are happy to assist you with customs clearance. Contact us today for any queries you may have on +44(0)2089888084 or


Our customs services include:

  • Import and Export customs clearance
  • High value customs clearance
  • Pre-shipment authorisation
  • Customs document preparation
  • Multi-line entry clearance
  • Customs-related storage
  • Handover to broker
  • Post-clearance modification
  • Advice on tariff quotas
  • Advice on content classification
  • Bonded transit
  • Customs payment deferment
  • Duty deferment
  • Community transit guarantee
  • NES export documentation
  • Bonded warehousing
  • Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP)
  • Enhance Remote Transit Shed (ERTS) warehousing facilities


Customs clearance UK Documentation

There is a great deal of paperwork involved in international shipping. The complications of shipping cargo from one country to another are why logistics specialists like Cargocost exist.


Export Customs Clearance Documentation: Purchase order from Buyer, Sales Invoice, Packing List, Shipping bill, Bill of Lading or air way bill, Certificate of Origin and any other specific documentation as specified by the buyer.

Imports Customs Clearance Documentation: Purchase Order from Buyer, Sales Invoice of supplier, Bill of Entry, Bill of Lading or Air way bill, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, and any other specific documentation required by the buyer.


Cargocost have the experience and knowledge of smoothly shipping cargo from one country to another so you, the shipper, don't have to worry about all the details, regulations and hassles, and can focus on growing your business.


Want an instant, all-inclusive quotation at the click of a mouse? Try Cargocost today.


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