Air freight to Shanghai

Need air freight services to Shanghai?

Cargocost provides a fully comprehensive and direct air freight to Shanghai service. We do our best to offer you the perfect shipment experience: effective and profitable.

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We take care of all the air freight process for you, from the UK to Shanghai. We handle the collection of your shipment, its delivery and all the needed documentation that shipping air freight to Shanghai requires.

For Air Freight support:

Contact our Air Freight specialists at capture3 or on +44(0)20 8988 8084.

They will be glad to find the best Air Freight solutions for your business.

How the export air freight process works?

Cargocost operates a hassle-free service! The process is as follows:

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1. You book with us

2. We collect your cargo and deliver it to our approved warehouse

3. Our haulier will prepare and x-ray your cargo

4. We then deliver your cargo to the airline warehouse

5. We book an airfreight shipment with an airline best suited to your needs

6. We then prepare all the required documentation, including the export customs formalities

7. You pay us

8. Our haulier delivers your cargo to the aircraft

9. Your cargo is shipped


Why choose Cargocost for your air freight shipment to Shanghai? 

Working closely with all major airlines Cargocost offers you the opportunity to enjoy every day, direct flights to most destinations worldwide. Due to tightly managed airport controls over cargo, your shipment also benefits from a high level of security.

Finally, quicker transit times allow shippers to free any capital, which may have otherwise been tied up waiting for their cargo to arrive and payment to be secured.

With Cargocost, as the transit goes faster, you save time and money!


Interested in shipping air freight to Shanghai?

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